Inertial Sensing

Trusted for navigation on Earth, Mars and beyond.

Kebni is a leading developer and provider of IMU (Inertial Measurement Units) and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems) solutions. The installed base enables autonomous navigation underground, helps Formula 1 teams win gold, stabilizes high-speed aerial flights and provides robust navigation support on Mars.

Extraordinary IMU and INS solutions


Kebni SensAItion

IMU & INS product family

Kebni SensAItion is the ideal multisensor platform for autonomous vehicles as well as other land, marine and air applications, featuring high-spec sensors, modular hardware and modern development techniques, advanced sensor fusion algorithms and individual calibration of each unit.

• Multiple functionality levels: IMU, VRU, AHRS, full INS and Heave

• Gyro in-run bias stability ≤2 °/h

• Compliant with ISO26262 road vehicle functional safety

• Available with two internal GNSS receivers

• Available in rugged IP67 aluminum housing or as slim PCB-only

• Supports supplementary inputs including RTK and odometer

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Sense Scaffolding

Kebni’s inertial sensing knowledge applies to multiple industries and use-cases. Together with scaffolding industry leaders, a need has been identified and Kebni filed a patent application in 2021 that provides a solution.

Sense Scaffolding is a unique safety system that specifically addresses scaffolding accidents, which are a recurring concern every year.

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Kebni’s inertial sensing knowledge applies to multiple industries.

Tailored Solutions

Kebni antenna is a trusted partner for end-to-end
development of tailored products and solutions for very
demanding needs.

Clients have seen Kebni turn obsolescence issues into
performance upgrades at lowered unit cost, all within
just a few months.

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High-performance IMU and INS solutions from Kebni are used for a wide range of industries and use-cases. A few examples follow below.

Autonomous Straddle Carrier

A manufacturer of automatic guided Straddle Carriers for container handling were locking for functionalities which could compensate for GPS navigation drop-outs. The IMU by Kebni intertial Sensing is a part of a system that can support the vehicle and the entire operation management for short term navigation.

The IMU offers:

  • Increased safety
  • Less cost of ownership due to less damages & stand-still
  • Higher system efficiency

Stabilizing VSAT Antenna

An antenna supplier to a shipyard was looking for a solution for avoiding loss in satellite signal due to high pitch and roll movements on the ship.

The Kebni Inertial Sensing IMU was integrated into the antenna control system. In using a prediction algorithm, it compensates the ship motions so that mispointing can be avoided.

The general improvements apart from higher pointing accuracy, also cover higher uptime, better use of bandwidth as well as lower wear & tear.

Active Suspension System

A manufacturer of shock absorbers systems for motorcycles wanted a system that would automatically compensate for the position of the chassis during accelerations, decelerations and turns. An µMotion inertial measurement unit by Kebni Inertial Sensing has been integrated into the manufacturers shock absorber system offering a semi-automatic shock absorber system for motorcycles.​

The overall benefits are:​

  • Added comfort and safety for the driver​
  • Lower fuel consumption​
  • Faster time lapse for racers​

Trim Stabilization System

A supplier of trim-stabilizers for boats and ships wanted to create a solution with fully automatic trim-stabilizers that will significantly reduce the boats pitch and roll movements caused by high seas. An Kebni Inertial Sensing IMU has been integrated into the customer’s trim-stabilization system enabling them to offer their solution to boat and ship owners.​

The main benefit is a vessel that is able to maneuver smoothly, even at rough seas, providing higher comfort for the crew, sharper turns, optimized fuel consumption, and improved safety during navigation. Numerous trim stabilization solutions have now been integrated into yachts, commercial vessels, and naval ships around the world.​

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