2022.10.31 Press release

Kebni is gearing up for large-scale Inertial Sensing projects

Kebni is expanding with new production facilities to prepare for several upcoming Inertial Sensing projects. Custom-made sensors for Saab’s NLAW-system will be the first to go into production.

Karlskoga, 31 October 2022 – Over the last two years Kebni has made several advancements into the Inertial Sensing product area, developing and refining its advanced sensors for motion analysis, positioning, and navigation. Use-cases include autonomous vehicle navigation, proactive safety systems and stabilizing platforms for Kebni’s own satellite antennas. Kebni is now growing its facilities to prepare for upcoming large-scale Inertial Sensing projects – the first and most prominent being the 76 MSEK volume order from Saab announced October 14th.

Saab NLAW collaboration a driving force
In June 2020, following years of technical qualification and discussions, Saab signed a framework agreement with Kebni regarding the development and supply of a tailored sensor unit for Saab’s anti-tank system NLAW. NLAW has recently gained media attention due to its important role in Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion. Already ahead of the first volume order, Kebni has been preparing for a transition from development phase to production and deliveries. Having now received the first order, and considering the high demand pressure throughout the supply chain, electrical components as well as test equipment, tools and fixtures needed to fulfill deliveries has already been ordered and financed. Kebni’s focus on preparing for the initial low-rate production start mid-2023 is now intensified.

Expanding into new production facilities
As part of the preparations, Kebni has added a 1000 square meter production area next to its office facilities in Karlskoga. The new facility is currently being designed and adapted for the upcoming production lines. To fulfill the advanced sensor calibration process, high-end equipment dedicated to the Saab project will be installed in time for the production start.

“This new production facility and the Saab NLAW project are both steppingstones for us to reach the next level in Inertial Sensing. It is a huge advantage to be able to establish the production in Karlskoga, close to Saab which we see as one of our most important Inertial Sensing clients going forward.” – Torbjörn Saxmo, CEO of Kebni.

More Inertial Sensing projects on the horizon
The Saab NLAW sensor project will be the first to make use of the newly acquired facilities, but there are several big-scale Inertial Sensing projects on Kebni’s horizon. The previously communicated scaffolding project, the newly released multisensor platform SensAItion and the recent strategic order from a top-tier Fortune 500 corporation are all part of the long-term plan.

For more information, contact Kebni Head of Marketing, Communication & Investor Relations Maya Larsson on +46 (0) 70-971 00 05