2022.01.20 Press release


KebNi AB (publ) fulfilled delivery of another order for the SensAItion IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) platform

Stockholm, 20 January 2022 – Today, Kebni announces a new order from a new client regarding the coming inertial sensing multisensor platform called SensAItion. The order is for qualifying SensAItion in a completely new use-case. To facilitate easy testing and integration, SensAItion was ordered and delivered with its comprehensive development kit.

“It is exciting to see the first SensAItion unit get produced, calibrated, pass the demanding performance tests, and get shipped to our enthusiastic client. We’ve worked hard and fast to facilitate this time-critical delivery, and today we get to reap the benefits of delivering what’s been requested at spec and on time.” – Erik Winther, Head of Sales

“Kebni has done an impressive job in getting this far this fast. We’re enthusiastic about the process so far and look forward to initiating the qualification for our use-case” – Undisclosed client CEO

The value of this single-unit order is financially insignificant but strategically important. If the undisclosed client’s qualification of the IMU proceeds as anticipated, there is potential for a volume order later this year.