2020.08.12 Press release


Satmission by KebNi has finalized its new streamlined SMP 175DA antenna system for customer testing. Delivering high performance throughput via Ku-band as well as C-Band through seamlessly switching, the product is improving KebNi’s global offering. The integrated C-band opens for markets in Asia and Eastern Europe.

In the latest addition to Satmission by KebNi’s pioneering DSNG antenna system family is the streamlined SMP 175DA antenna system. This high-performance product is capable of transmitting IP, SD, UHD and 3DTV Broadcasts reliably back to base. Its aerodynamic design is optimized to meet stringent weight budgets.

The Driveaway Antenna delivers high performance throughput via Ku-band but can seamlessly switch to the so called C-band for better performance in relation to rain or rough weather. The product was originally developed to address customer requirements in Asia and Eastern Europe but is already attracting attention in other markets requiring higher performance data transmission.

“The SMP175 is a strong addition to our product lineup. The design and solution are based on specific customer requirements therefore, we are confident of the uptake of this product. We have now entered into the test phase of this new product with our customer and we are fielding enquiries from other potential customers regarding the SMP175. This new development is in line with our overall strategic plan to further develop relevant products for the global marketplace.”, says Henrik Asbjørn, Chief Sales Officer at KebNi.

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