2021.05.20 Press release


KebNi recruits Kristian Wallin as Chief Commercial Officer

Stockholm, 20 May 2021 – KebNi AB (publ) recruits Kristian Wallin as the company’s new Chief Commercial Officer. Kristian is an internationally established commercial leader with a twenty-year track record from the Defence and Automotive industries. Most recently, Kristian had the role as Head of Marketing & Sales at Saab Dynamics for the segment “Ground Based Air Defence and Long Range Precision Systems”. Prior to various positions with Saab, he worked with Bosch in Sweden and Germany towards automotive OEMs.

Torbjörn Saxmo, CEO comments “I am most grateful that Kristian has accepted the challenge to drive business growth for KebNi. Kristian comes from the global stage, with a reputation of having bold visions, and exemplary in creating and closing business opportunities. He will be instrumental for our success and I have confidence that he is the right person to provide effective leadership for business captures by consistently creating motivation throughout the company”.

“I am enthusiastic for the opportunity to push for the true potential that KebNi deserves. There are no short-cuts, except for hard work to grind solutions that will benefit our customers and shareholders. I feel an urgency to immediately start building a global and cost-effective sales organisation, with eyes out on the markets. It is crucial to expand our global presence”, said Kristian Wallin, CCO.

Kristian Wallin’s starting date is effective as of today.