2021.07.09 Press release


KebNi files a patent application in support of a personal safety use-case based on Inertial Sensing expertise

Stockholm, 9 July 2021 – KebNi AB (publ) has filed a new patent application regarding structural status monitoring and personal safety on scaffolding.

KebNi CEO Torbjörn Saxmo explains “Personal safety on scaffolding is a global challenge. We’ve identified an innovative way of using our expertise to monitor the scaffolding safety in a reliable, easy, cost-efficient and integrity friendly manner. Partnering with the industry leader to gain reach quickly, we intend to help mitigate injuries and at the end of the day save lives.”

The solution is tailored for the application based on KebNi Inertial Sensing’s deep technical knowledge. It senses barely noticeable vibrations and movements on the scaffolding. The sensor fusion technology processes the sensor data with artificial intelligence, providing robust and accurate monitoring and alerts in real time. KebNi’s technology is active and trustworthy all until the scaffolding is dismantled.

Industry expert informs “Although scaffolding systems are inspected before used, wear and tear over the months and years installed has shown to have significant negative impact on strength and safety.

Technical viability and business potential has been assessed and confirmed with excellent results through both theoretical and practical studies during the first half of 2021, all in partnership with the market leading scaffolding provider. The development phase is ongoing and will continue until early 2022, when large-scale testing and commercial roll-out commences.

Kristian Wallin (CCO) comments “I’m thrilled about this safety solution as it lets us serve clients in verticals we haven’t reached previously, and of course due to its massive market potential. I’m also excited about this revelation because of its strategic importance: this is the first of a long list of tailored stand-alone solutions based on KebNi Inertial Sensing technology. The solutions will serve numerous industries and use-cases, both diversifying and multiplying KebNi’s revenue streams. There’s going to be KebNi-derivatives everywhere.”