2023.05.15 Press release

Introducing ScaffSense, the world’s first smart scaffolding alarm system

Kebni and Solideq now introduce ScaffSense, the world’s first smart scaffolding alarm system, designed to make construction sites safer and more profitable. ScaffSense AB, the joint venture between the two companies, is now operational and has taken over the final development, IPR, testing, and upcoming market launch of the product.

Unsafe scaffolding is a global problem that causes injuries, fatalities, and billions of dollars in costs for the construction industry every year. ScaffSense addresses these issues by providing an easy-to-use, sensor-based safety alarm system that effectively makes scaffolding intelligent. 

ScaffSense combines Kebni’s technical expertise in stabilization with Solideq’s industry and market insights. The system uses smart sensors to monitor scaffolding structures in real-time, identifying potential safety risks and alerting workers and other affected persons of any issues. This way, accidents can be prevented, and lives can be saved.  

Pilot projects for ScaffSense are planned for 2023, followed by a full-scale market launch, pending the final testing. 

For the latest news about ScaffSense, visit www.scaffsense.com and follow ScaffSense on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/scaffsense