2016.12.08 Press release

ASTG has received MIL approval

ASTG AB has received full MIL approval for the P9/Ku100-MIL satellite antenna. The tests performed, at SAAB Linköping, Bofors Karlskoga and Jan Linder’s test centers, have been very extensive and in strict accordance with agreed specifications. The MIL approval is further substantiated by ASTG’s customer in Israel who was involved throughout the process and has also been present.

The MIL approval includes the following elements:

– MIL-STD-810G (temperature, moisture, water resistance, corrosion (salt spray), sand & dust, solar radiation, fungus, wind, vibration and shock)
– MIL-STD-461F (RS101, RS103 200V / m, RE101, RE102, CE101, CE102, CS101, CS106, CS114, CS115 and CS116)

Test manager Lars Olsson, comments: ” We can now proudly announce that we have completed the qualification of the P9/Ku100-MIL antenna system. This was done in close cooperation with the customer, who is very pleased with both the results and how the tests have been performed. It has been an extremely time-consuming and laborious process, but we can now say without hesitation that we have a product that can operate under very tough conditions and that holds extremely high standards in terms of quality, performance and robustness.

ASTG can now present to the market a completely tested and documented MIL-specified system, at a very competitive price in terms of price/performance. Moreover, since the design of the P9-platform is modular, it can easily be adjusted to alternative radio solutions and different customer needs. The MIL approval is, in addition to proof of the system’s potential, above all a confirmation of the uniqueness of this technology platform. “