The Share


The company has a total of 271 154 530 shares issued, of which 295 302 Class A shares and 270 859 228 Class B shares with a quota value of SEK 0,06847. Series A shares have ten (10) votes and Series B shares have one (1) vote. Series A and Series B shares have equal rights to the company’s profits and assets.

As of September 2023, the market cap was 322 864 TSEK and the number of shareholders was 5 953.

G&W Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser. Kebni’s shares are traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Trading Information

The Short name of the share: KEBNI B
Stock ISIN code: SE0012904803
Nasdaq First North Growth Market is a registered SME growth market, in accordance with the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (EU 2014/65) as implemented in the national legislation of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, operated by an exchange within the Nasdaq group. Issuers on Nasdaq First North Growth Market are not subject to all the same rules as issuers on a regulated main market, as defined in EU legislation (as implemented in national law). Instead they are subject to a less extensive set of rules and regulations adjusted to small growth companies. The risk in investing in an issuer on Nasdaq First North Growth Market may therefore be higher than investing in an issuer on the main market. All issuers with shares admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market have a Certified Adviser who monitors that the rules are followed. The respective Nasdaq exchange approves the application for admission to trading.

Certified adviser

Niklas Nyström, Certified Adviser
G&W Fondkommission
Kungsgatan 3
111 43 Stockholm

Shareholders per December 31, 2023

Aktieägare A-aktie B-aktie Kapital (%) Röster (%)
Anders Danielsson med bolag 50 729 777 18,71% 18,53%
Pärsson Jan Robert 35 700 000 13,17% 13,04%
Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension 12 974 943 4,79% 4,74%
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB 8 430 607 3,11% 3,08%
Sven Olof Hagelin med bolag 5 660 066 2,09% 2,07%
Max Mitteregger med bolag 4 650 000 1,71% 1,70%
Theodor Jeansson 4 000 000 1,48% 1,46%
Elsy Brylde 3 239 621 1,19% 1,18%
Jan Wäreby 3 000 000 1,11% 1,10%
Maida Vale Capital 295 302 0,11% 1,08%
Övriga 142 474 214 52,53% 52,02%
Total 295 302 270 859 228 100,00% 100,00%


Previous issues

Incentive program 2022/2025

At the shareholders’ meeting on June 28, 2022, it was decided to implement a stock options program for all employees during 2022. A total of 3,662,387 stock options were issued with an exercise price set at 200% of the average volume-weighted price over the fifteen days preceding the implementation of the program. The program runs until October 15, 2025.

Directed issue August 2023

Kebni carried out a directed issue of 24,650,411 B-shares at a price of SEK 1.20 per share on August 9th 2023. The Company will thereby received approximately SEK 29.6 million before transaction costs. The price in the Directed Issue  was determined through negotiations with participating investors and represents a discount of 7.6 percent compared to the volume-weighted average share price on August 9, 2023.

Right issue October 2020

The company raises approx. SEK 45 million before deduction of issue related costs through its rights issue, for which the subscription period ended on October 30, 2020. The outcome shows that 6 273 741 shares, corresponding to approx. 19 % of
the rights issue were subscribed for with preferential rights. Additionally, 569 674shares, corresponding to approx. 2 % of the rights issue, were subscribed for without preferential rights. In accordance with the guarantee commitments, 23 183 254 shares, corresponding to approx. 69 % of the rights issue, were subscribed by guarantors.

Right issue Nov-Dec 2019

ASTG is hereby notifying that the new rights issue, which the company has carried out, has been subscribed to 198%, of which 67% was subscribed for with subscription rights. The issue has thus been oversubscribed and allocation will primarily be made to those who have subscribed with the support of subscription rights and secondary subscription rights. As a result, the guarantee commitments which covered 70% of the rights issue amount will not be used.

Rights issue April 2019

A new share issue in ASTG that the company has completed in April 2019 has been subscribed to 122.05%. The issue has thus been oversubscribed and allocation will primarily be made to those who have subscribed with the support of subscription rights.

Rights issue February 2018

On February 19, the subscription period for ASTG’s rights issue ended with preferential rights. The issue, which amounted to a maximum of about SEK 22.3 million, was subscribed to about 89% or the equivalent of about SEK 19.8 million. Of these, 123,192,474 shares were subscribed, which corresponds to approximately 7.4 MSEK supported by subscription rights. 23,709,252 shares or the equivalent of approximately SEK 1.4 million were subscribed without support for subscription rights. All in all, this corresponds to a subscription rate of about 45%. The remaining part of approximately SEK 11 million was subscribed for through set-off in accordance with the guarantees communicated in the issue memorandum. The company’s share capital increases by SEK 7,883,491.70 from SEK 8,881,729.33 to SEK 16,765,221.03 by issuing 329,507,978 new shares, which increases the total number of shares from 371,231,528 to 700,739,506. Trading with BTA takes place until the issue is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.