Bringing stabilityto a world in motion

Global megatrends and emerging technologies across multiple sectors

Advanced global connectivity, increasingly driven by commercial constellations, will drive the merge of multiple technology domains – such as space, next-generation communications and autonomous navigation. With a combination of our Satellite and Inertial Sensing competences Kebni´s excellent position will guide our customers into the future.

Kebni CEO Torbjörn Saxmo

Inertial Sensing

Kebni helps others navigate underground, on land, mid-air and on Mars. See what our IMU (Inertial Measurement Units) and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems) solutions can do for you.

  • High-performance IMU and INS sensor units enables autonomous navigation and more
  • Sensor units help clients navigate on Earth, Mars and elsewhere
  • High-spec sensors for navigation and stability
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Satcom Terminals

We rely on more than 15 years of experience from the Satcom industry and are committed to support our clients with robust satellite terminal solutions. Our modular designs allow a high degree of customization to adapt to technology improvements in this fast-changing industry.

  • Navy terminals, MIL tested & verified
  • State of the art stabilization technology
  • High end broadcast terminals for ground based vehicles
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Satcom Maritime contact person Ulf Sundquist

Satcom Maritime

Head of Sales
Ulf Sundqvist
+ 46 (73) 041 2099

Intertial Sensing contact person Erik Winther

Inertial Sensing

Head of Sales
Erik Winther
+ 46 (72) 181 4050

Satcom Land contact person Niclas Karlsson

Satcom Land

Head of Sales
Niclas Karlsson
+ 46 (70) 654 4166

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    Proven partner for military Satcom and Inertial Sensing Solutions.

    Excellent service

    Client focused and personal service for any customer request.

    Tailored solutions

    Developing and realizing tailored, best-in-class solutions to competitive prices.

    Kebni offentliggör prospekt avseende företrädesemission

    KebNi AB (publ) (”KebNi” eller ”Bolaget”) offentliggör, med anledning av förestående nyemission (”Företrädesemissionen”), ett EU-tillväxtprospekt vilket idag har godkänts och registrerats hos Finansinspektionen (”Prospektet”).

    Aktiedagen Stockholm 2 maj 2022

    Presentation by CEO Torbjörn Saxmo at Aktiedagen Stockholm 2 maj 2022.

    Designed to fulfill military critical requirements

    Mission critical communications require that the connection is always on and available for interaction